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Tiger prawns from Skull Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria are the biggest you can find in Australia.

Measuring up to 26cm in length and 100g in weight, these juicy behemoths of the prawn underworld are truly the king on the plate. Characteristic tiger stripes, striking fluorescent purple tails and their sheer size will leave you in awe as you experience Skull Island Tiger Prawns for the first time.


Certified ‘sustainable’ by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Skull Island tiger prawns come from the world’s first certified sustainable tropical prawn fishery. They are caught during the months of August to November each year, and only caught during the night to ensure minimal impact on bycatch.  The remainder of the year is closed to fishing to ensure juvenile tiger prawns have ample time to grow into adults and reproduce. 


Skull Island Tiger Prawns are now also completely carbon neutral, with Austral Fisheries being certified under the Australian Government Carbon Neutral Program.

Skull Island Frozen Australian Tiger Prawns (Grade U6) 3KG

SKU: 1031079


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