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Glacier 51 Frozen Patagonian Toothfish Portion 130-160G

SKU: 1011011K
$29.00 Regular Price
$26.00Sale Price

    Also known as Chilean Seabass ,the G51 Toothfish has been likened to the "wagyu" of fish with its snow-white flesh, high fat and Omega 3 content. Gracing the menus of some of the world's top restaurants, there's no doubt about the G51 Toothfish's pretigious title.


    The G51 Toothfish are caught around Heard Island & McDonalds Islands, more than 4000km away from Perth, in the South Antartic. Subject to the harsh environment of the South Antartic Zone, the brave fishermen endure waves up to 10m high and temperatures that can fall to -0.8˚C, in order to bring this premium product to you.




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