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Pestos are traditionally used as sauces for flat pasta, but have developed a larger market for dipping and as a side dish in NZ. This original pesto is made with NZ basil, pine nuts and olive oil.


Quick Ideas

  • Perfect stirred through pasta, but also ideal when paired with other Italian and Mediterranean dishes like lasagna, pizza and antipasto.
  • Mix with mince and shape into patties to make pesto burgers, top with mozzarella and serve with salad on a bun.
  • Mix with Ricotta, spinach and walnuts to stuff a chicken breast.
  • Bake a salmon fillet coated with a layer of pesto and topped with a layer of breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan and cracked black pepper. Simple and delicious.



Delmaine Traditional Basil Pesto 150G

SKU: 2311213
$10.95 Regular Price
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    New Zealand Delmaine Traditional Basil Pesto




    If Frozen: 3 months after chilled expiry

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