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A flat rather than rolled pasta, Fettuccine is most commonly associated with Alfredo and Carbonara creamy sauces but is just as good with a tomato sauce. Made fresh locally with Durum semolina and free range eggs. Delmaine egg pastas are made, stored and delivered fresh, not frozen.


Quick Ideas

  • Traditionally served with Alfredo sauce, chopped bacon, sliced mushrooms and fresh oregano.
  • For a slightly different take on this classic dish, replace bacon with cooked duck and the oregano with fresh coriander.
  • Partner fettuccine with shredded leftover roast chicken and Delmaine Carbonara sauce.
  • Use fettuccine in place of spaghetti or other ribbon pastas.

Delmaine Egg Fettuccine 400G

SKU: 2311203
$11.25 Regular Price
$7.88Sale Price

    Fresh ribbons of Egg Pasta, ideal for creamy sauces.

    Cooks in 3 minutes

    Serves 4




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