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The most popular of the filled pasta shapes, tortellini is normally boiled but is great as a baked dish as well.  Chicken & Basil Tortellini features fresh chicken with the sweet herby tang of basil and works with both cream and tomato sauces and doesn't overpower lighter sauces. Made fresh locally with Durum semolina and free range eggs. Delmaine egg pastas are made, stored and delivered fresh, not frozen.


Quick Ideas

  • Bake in a creamy Alfredo sauce with chopped leeks, sliced mushrooms and Pancetta.
  • Serve with a Pomodoro sauce, topped with sliced green peppers and crumbled feta.




Delmaine Chicken & Basil Tortellini 300G

SKU: 2311196

    Fresh chicken simmered with aromatic basil and onion, packed in bright multi coloured twists of egg pasta

    Cooks in 5 minutes

    Serves 2




    If Frozen: 3 months after chilled expiry

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