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Sujon's Sensational Fruit Roll Ups

Difficulty: Easy

Cooking Time: 6 hours - depending on your oven

Preparation Time: Defrosting time + 5 to 10 mins


3 cups Sujon Frozen Berries of your choice

Optional: Lime / lemon juice / honey / sugar / sweeteners to cover up slightly bitter taste


  1. Defrost berries until soft and then using a blender or food processor blend until smooth. Line a baking tray with glad wrap/plastic wrap and evenly pour the blended berry mixture onto the tray.

  2. Set oven to about 80 degrees and cook for about 6 hours, depending on your oven temperature. You can also use a dehydrator overnight.

  3. Check on its progress after 4 hours.

  4. Optional add-ons - lime/lemon juice/honey/sugar/sweeteners if you prefer it to be sweeter and less bitter.

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