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My kids love this really simple meal which we often make on a Sunday as it requires little prep and the salmon can be cooked from frozen. Poaching the salmon also means no “fishy” smell in the house which you often get by cooking salmon in the oven or frying.


· 2 fillets of NZ salmon

· Sauce: 100ml sake, 220ml mirin, and 25g brown sugar,


1. Poach the salmon (from frozen is fine) in boiling water. After a few minutes bring water down to a slow boil and cook fish until firm (roughly 10-12 minutes).

2. Adults may prefer to eat this with an Asian style sauce. Heat together 100ml sake, 220ml mirin, and 25g brown sugar, reducing to a sauce. Serve with rice and Asian greens or peas. Credits to: @flavourforager

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